Christ and Grace Church installed a labyrinth on its grounds in October 2008. It was an effort, says Lay Assistant Claire Brill, “to bring an outward sign of the holy into the community.”

A symbol of Christians’ pilgrimage in faith, it is a winding circular path that leads to a center, which is marked by a large rock. “Arriving at the rock after winding through the path is like arriving at a place of centering in your own life,” says our former Rector David Teschner. “The rock – our center – is God. It’s a place of peace and tranquility.”

The sacred path, sometimes called a prayer labyrinth, is often used for walking prayer. Labyrinths have been used for thousands of years. In medieval times people who couldn't afford to travel to the Holy Land would walk a labyrinth to make a symbolic pilgrimage to a sacred place.

Some mistakenly think a labyrinth is a maze, which has many paths that can be confusing and lead to dead ends. A labyrinth has a single path that winds to the center so people don’t get lost. The idea, according to one source, “is to get found.”

Individuals may walk the labyrinth any time during daylight hours. Congregations are asked to call the Christ and Grace Church office at 804.733.7202 to reserve a time for groups.