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We welcome all, no exceptions, who seek to experience God’s love in the community

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Christ & Grace Episcopal Church, in the Walnut Hill neighborhood of Petersburg, Virginia, is a holy place. It’s also a place where you’ll find laughter, friendship, comfort, and acceptance. All are welcome wherever you are on your faith journey, and we’re delighted to answer any question you might have.


(804) 733.7202


1545 South Sycamore Street Petersburg, VA 23805

The mission of Christ & Grace Church is to offer hope, healing, and hospitality to everyone we encounter.

Our Story

Founded in 1841 - Ever Changing As God Wills

Walnut Hill, Petersburg, Virginia

The Past

Our name tells part of the story. Grace Church, which was located on High Street in the Old Town neighborhood, was founded in 1841. Christ Church, founded in 1923 in its present location, and Grace Church merged in 1953. We grew and built the present sanctuary (worship space) in 1957.

The Present

We are in the midst of the work of discernment – a fancy word that simply means thinking and praying – to imagine what God is asking of us in our corner of the world. We are experimenting a bit in our worship, which follows the traditional format of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, and are building on our long tradition of serving our neighbors near and far in many different ways. There are also opportunities to learn to deepen one’s relationship with Christ at any age, and ways that you can use the gifts that God gave you in all sorts of ways.

The Future

Currently served by our Interim Rector, The Rev. Dr. Mary Brennan Thorpe, we are preparing to search for our next permanent rector. We pray for someone who brings gifts and skills to add to what we already have been given by God so that we can write the next chapter of our story. Keep an eye out for our Search page, which will keep you updated on that process! This is a faith community that is on the move and is growing. We hope you’ll be a part of that journey with us!

“I love Christ & Grace - the people, the spirit, the work in the community, and the peace it brings to my soul.”
Kemper Brinkley