Christian Education

Education for All Ages

Come Explore Your Faith

Most Sundays there are Adult Forums where we explore topics such as “Everything You Didn’t Know About Being Episcopalian,” Conversations across our Differences, and “Wrestling with Paul in Lent.” These gatherings are as much a conversation as teaching time. Because our membership includes everyone from “cradle Episcopalians” to new folks who come from other faith traditions, it’s a great time to explore our points of similar understanding and the ways in which we are unique or in which we differ.

This is a season in the life of our parish where we do not have many children in regular attendance, and thus we do not have a conventional Sunday School. That said, we encourage bringing children of all ages to church. On those Sundays when there are children among us, there may be a Message just for kids before or after the sermon. We look forward to having some intergenerational learning and fellowship activities since we are all called by the Lord to keep on learning and to keep on growing in the knowledge and love of Christ!