Memorials & Special Donations

Options for a Pledge or Donation

Often, friends and family members of beloved members of our community want to honor them by donating funds for specific projects or needs. Please consult with our Treasurer to see if there are existing endowment fund categories which can be added to by your gift. Remember, too, that having a broad subject for donation (the Music Program, for example) gives those who implement such programs the latitude to use it as is appropriate at the time the funds are used. We welcome donations as memorials or for special projects and encourage you to support the range of work that the parish does. As with regular donations, these can be made by check, with the relevant information (Memorial Donation/ Mr. Smith, or Memorial Donation for Outreach Ministries) written on the check so we may know how it is intended to be used. You may also make your donation electronically through your bank. Again, making sure the use is designated is helpful to us.